Since 1986

We’re not simply in the catering business.

We’re in the happy office, better meeting business!

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Do you remember what was going on in 1986?  Here’s what Wikipedia has to remind us…

  • Lionel Richie, and Whitney Houston ruled the airwaves
  • Nintendo released “The Legend of Zelda”
  • Microsoft released its IPO, opening at $21
  • The first computer virus, or “brain” started to spread
  • Mike Tyson won his first boxing title
  • The New York Mets won their most recent World Title

We were opening the original Frobisher’s Deli in Cypress, CA.  The oak furniture and dusty rose accents were pure 80’s.

Matter of fact, if you attended Cypress College in the mid to late 80’s, you probably remember penciling in your dream sandwich on the original Frobisher’s order ticket.

A lot of life has happened since 1986. We’ve experienced the joy of welcoming new family members, along with the pain of saying goodbye to others.

Frobisher family circa 2016

We’ve had our share of mountain top celebrations, and we’ve had our share of moments that should have won $10,000 on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

But we’ve stayed true to our North Orange County communities, (and even raised our kids here).  And now we’re even more “food people” then the day we started.

We’re your corporate deli catering.

Find out for yourself how Frobisher’s Corporate Deli can make your office happy.

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